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Editorial: I Can’t Breathe

Plans to Exit Earth

Brown Eyes

Mask Off


Animal Series: Panda

In Flanders Fields

4 Poppies

Girl with Peonies


Blue Windows

Card Packs

Digital Noise Series: Living My Best Life #3

Digital Noise Series: Living My Best Life

Digital Noise Series: Living My Best Life II

DIgital Noise - Post Modern Philosophers in pink

Digital Noise Series: Post Modern Philosophers in Pink

Digital Noise Series: Blessed, Body Dysmorphia

Postcards – Notecards

Animal Series: Piggy

Animal Series: Giraffe

Animal Series: Zebra

Animal Series: 2 Bunnies

Animal Series: Elephants

Animal Series: Polar Bear Family

Animal Series: Dragonfly

Animal Series: Mouse


Animal Series: Tiger Cub

4th Amendment Redactions

Portrait commission - Portrait couple's 2 beautiful daughters austin 1+4 studio illustration art print

Portrait Commission : Sisters

Marketing : Spring Postcard

Marketing : Snowflake

Travis county t-shirt by 1-and-4 Studio featuring Travis Bickle from Taxi Driver

Apparel : T-Shirt

Postcard for business promo

Business : Promo Postcard

Editorial illustration about loneliness in a big city

Lifestyle : Alone

Editorial : Accessorize For The Future